If you are a classic car enthusiast, it’s very likely that restoring one has crossed your mind. Though it’s easy to begin a project which, at first, seems very simple for you to quickly find you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. It’s not rare for hidden problems to come to light when you start dismantling a classic and this can often lead to increased costs and in some upsetting cases, the restoration to be abandoned completely.

That’s why, here at Car & Truck (Bristol) Ltd, as classic car restoration experts, we’ve put together a guide to restoring your classic. No matter whether you’re completely new to restoring cars, or you simply just want some extra advice, we want to point you in the right direction to making your dream classic a reality.

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How Do I Choose The Perfect Vintage Car To Begin Restoring?

When restoring a classic or vintage car, of course you want to be working on a car you love. Think carefully about the make and model you want and take a look online at what is available. Any restoration can be hard work but you don’t particularly want the added stress of looking for a rare part which hasn’t been manufactured since 1962 and was designed for a model with only 5 made. Even the most experienced restorers can find themselves brought to a halt by a poor supply of parts, so if it’s your first time you don’t want to make a hard task for yourself.

However, some models can have an incredible market for parts online and you’ll find that you are able to buy pretty much any part you find yourself after, with some available even brand new off the shelf. We all love the thrill of turning up a part we’ve been looking for at an autojumble or on eBay but looking for every single part that way does get very old, very quickly.

You’ve probably wondered why cars such as MGBs, Triumphs and Beetles are as popular as they are. This is down to many reasons, but for most, the ease at which parts can be found is a winner.

Once you’ve found your perfect make and model, the best place to search is on classified ads, either in your local paper or online on sites such as eBay and Gumtree. It is vitally important you view the car before agreeing to buy it though. Beware many major problems can easily be hidden behind a nice photograph.

When viewing a classic, there are a few tell-tale signs which can tell you an awful lot about its condition and how easy a job it will be to restore. Only buy a complete car which is free from rust and major damage. Whilst parts can be replaced and problems can be fixed, you’ll quickly see the overall cost of the project building.

What Tools Will I Need For a Vintage Car Restoration?

You’ll likely have the most essential tools: spanners, pliers, hammers and screwdrivers. These simple tools will allow you to start picking apart your car and begin working on it. If you find yourself needing more specialised tools, these will likely be very affordable too.

Also, if you take one tip away from this blog – buy a telescopic magnet! You’ll thank us when you drop a nut or bolt into the engine bay out of reach!

How to Set Your Budget For Your Vintage Car Restoration

It’s worth giving yourself a budget and finding a car which suits it, in terms of upfront cost and how much you plan to spend. It’s easy to find a car you’re in love with and to budget around it but costs can quickly run away from you and you can end up spending way more than you can afford.

The average vintage car restoration can cost anywhere between £15,000 and £40,000, including the price of the car itself and all the tools and materials needed. Though of course, this is only a ballpark figure and your project could end up costing more or less depending on how much work is required.

All this being said, you should always buy a car you’re excited about, as you will be investing a lot of hard-earned time and money into it.

Vintage Vehicle Restoration

How To Choose a Vintage Car Restoration Company

With some projects, taking the car to a restoration specialist can be a necessary choice. You may have tight deadlines or the project may need work beyond the reach of even the most experienced DIY workshop. Though no one wants to take their pride and joy to a company who proceeds to further damage it, bodge it or simply do half a job before disappearing away with your hard-earned cash.

Do some online searches, look at reviews and read any feedback that this brings back. Once you’ve done your research, pay the company a visit and discuss with them the project details. Discuss all aspects and what you’ll need, including finances, timescales, upgrades and everything you want from the car.

If you’ve found yourself looking to begin a vintage car restoration in Bristol and you’re in need of a company you can trust, look no further than Car & Truck (Bristol) Ltd. As a company we completely understand that your vintage car is your pride and joy, that’s why with every job we undertake, we make it our aim to get your car back on the road and looking exactly as you’ve always dreamed.

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