A lot can be said about a car with perfect alloy wheels, especially when you’re either buying or selling a car. Anything less than perfect can often turn people away! That’s why it’s vital to take pride in your car and pay extra attention to the small details. Keeping up the condition of your alloy wheels will maximise its appeal and even increase the value of the overall car – and the whole process won’t be as costly as you think!

Here at Car and Truck (Bristol) Ltd, we are experts in Alloy Wheel Repairs in Bristol. Our workshop contains some of the latest refurbishment technology and we are able to fully strip and sand your car’s alloy wheels and restore them back to their former glory. To find out more about the services we provide, call us today on 0117 938 2542.


Why Do Alloy Wheels Need To Be Repaired?

It’s common for alloy wheels to pick up cracks and damage around the outer rim, often caused by kerb scuffs, potholes and speed bumps. This damage is unavoidable and can cause your alloy wheels to no longer be in perfect condition. Dust particles and small stones can also chip away at the paint on your alloys and over time degrade your paint. This is where our alloy wheel repairs can help.

Instead of having to spend out on a set of brand new alloys, it’s often possible that we can restore them to get them looking brand new once again.

Though, if the impact on the alloy is especially hard, your alloy could even split. This would mean that the entire allow does need to be replaced, and a spare should be fitted until the new alloy is fitted. Sadly, a split alloy often cannot be replaced for safety reasons.


How Can I Spot The First Signs of Alloy Wheel Damage?

If you are trying to spot kerbing and scraping, this will be pretty obvious, yet a bent or cracked alloy can be harder to spot.

Signs of a bent or cracked alloy include:

  • Vibration and Shaking When Steering
  • Car Isn’t Handing As It Used To
  • There is Visible Damage To Your Wheel
  • Your Tire Keeps Deflating


How Can I Prevent Wheel Damage?

There are a variety of causes of wheel damage, however, great maintenance is the real answer to preventing wheel damage.

The way in which you clean your wheels and what products you use can make a huge difference to the overall quality. Rising each of your wheels thoroughly on a regular basis will help protect them. Wiping the dust from the wheel interior will also help maintain a high-performance level and elongate the lifespan of your wheels overall.

Seasonal changes can also hugely impact your wheels, so it’s important to prepare them for every element.


Alloy Damage


How Are Alloy Wheels Repaired?

Repairing an alloy wheel is a thorough step-by-step process, where attention to detail is key to make sure the process is a success.

Here at Car & Truck (Bristol) Ltd, our alloy wheel repairs involve our trained specialists stripping the paint, sanding down your alloys, filling any deep damage and applying primer and paint.

You may have noticed that there are a few cheaper alloy wheel repair kits available on the market. These are only suitable for small areas of damage and shouldn’t be used in larger areas. It may be a much cheaper option for you to opt for a professional alloy wheel repair in the long run. Of course, you want your car to look its best, so it’s wise to always call in the professionals if you are looking for a high standard of work.


How Can I Arrange a Wheel Refurbishment?

Operating throughout Bristol, Car & Truck (Bristol) Ltd can provide an outstanding Wheel Refurbishment Service, to help make your wheel look new again.

We are able to provide our wheel refurbishment service at an excellent price – so you’ll no longer have any excuse to leave your wheels kerbed and scraped!

What’s more, as we refurbish your wheels, we can also provide a range of other services, including car bodywork repairs, dent removals and more.

So, if you’ve discovered that your wheels are damaged, be sure to get in touch with Car & Truck (Bristol) Ltd, Bristol’s wheel refurbishment specialists, today, on 0117 938 2542.